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No.1529 Tian An I Road, Zao Zhuang High-tech industrial Development Zone Of ShanDong,China.




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i ,6th Floor, Tianzhi Building, West Gate, Huangdao Free Trade Zone, Qingdao Shandong Province, China.




EVA rubber conveyor belt

Shandong EVA rubber conveyor belt Ltd. under the Shandong Energy dates Mining Group, is a collection of various types of conveyor product development, production and sales in one of the large state-owned modern enterprise. Shandong Energy Group "Coal Water Slurry ---- ---- ---- thermoelectric cored rubber plantations in Thailand ---- ---- ---- conveyor belt tire" recycling industry chain is an important part .

Companies registered capital of 100 million yuan, more than 600 employees, professional and technical personnel more than 90 people, mainly the production of steel cord conveyor belt fire-retardant fabric whole flame retardant conveyor belt (PVC type), the whole flame retardant fabric conveyor belt (PVG type), canvas layer flame retardant conveyor belt, and other four series of hundreds of product specifications, annual production capacity of 20 million square meters, has a leading national laboratory and provincial R & D center has a professional testing, research and development team to ensure that from raw materials, semi-finished products to the entire process to obtain high-quality testing and control. It was named "Shandong Province rubber industry 50 companies", "safety and quality standards enterprises", "China Quality Management 2013 Annual Outstanding Business Award." It has successfully passed the "coal safety" logo certification, AAA grade corporate credit quality certification, ISO9001 quality system certification, ISO14001 environment system certification, GB / T28001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification. Was named the industry as "Rubber Association hose tape branch of the governing unit", "Shandong Rubber Industry Association unit."

The company has seven sets of curing equipment, 2 sets of plasticizing equipment, 2 sets of molding equipment, a set of rolling equipment and other auxiliary equipment, we are using the most advanced technology. SSM uses a cryogenic rubber mixing process which is in Shandong Province Science and Technology Agency assessed as "advanced international and domestic leading level," and to support special research capital of 10 million yuan. Independent research and development and production of a leading domestic heat conveyor belt, oil conveyor belt, high-level PVG conveyor belt, using new materials developed skeleton burning 300 ℃ -600 ℃ resistant steel conveyor belt, for the development of the northeast, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Russian market, the company targeted the development of cold (-45 ℃, -50 ℃) the ultra-wearable (Shao slope Seoul 70 or less) conveyor belt, in the arctic region, the temperature reached -57 ℃ can be normal use of the product. Absorbing foreign advanced technology, we developed a tubular steel cord conveyor belt, tubular fabric conveyor belt. These products are technically demanding, high availability, by the favor of many customers and support, the company has its own formula 33, completed the trial production of 31 kinds of special conveyor belt.

Products have been exported to South Africa, South Korea, Iran, Russia, Poland, Southeast Asia and other countries (regions). In the Middle East market, there are 13 companies in seven countries to establish relations of cooperation with our company. The domestic market has developed more than 90 long-term customers, and coal, mining, port, power and other industries well-known large enterprise groups to establish a good relationship of cooperation, mainly sold in Xinjiang, Guizhou, Yunnan, Inner Mongolia, Shanghai and other provinces (municipalities) and autonomous regions .




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