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Than the business, practicing skills--the party branch business skills practical competition is wonderfully staged

Than the business, practicing skills--the party branch business skills practical competition is wonderfully staged

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On the afternoon of March 7, at the company's activity center, a "technical competition" aimed at testing the technical skills of party members in the grassroots party to carry out party affairs and promoting the overall progress of grassroots party building was grandly staged. Thirty-two outstanding players who have been carefully selected are here to show their talents. After fierce competition, the marketing center party branch and the component workshop party branch won the first place in the two projects of the competition. Xu Shouliang, chairman of the company, and Sun Jinbo, secretary of the party committee, attended the meeting.

Can the grassroots party branch secretary technical business be compared?
 How is it better than what? How can we fully consider the ability level? How do you compare the operability of quantitative scoring? Even the participation and appreciation of the competition are worth a lot of consideration. After in-depth discussion, extensive investigation, and repeated discussions, the company's party committee decided to hold a business training course for the party branch, so that everyone not only knows how to do it, but also understands how to do it well.


After the host read out the precautions for the game, a race without smoke but fierce competition began. The content of this practical competition involves the construction of grassroots organizations, the development of party members, and the processing of official documents. It has seized some basic skills in grassroots party affairs. Each team's entry project is a summary of work experience and work results. It not only examines the mastery of the participants' policies and regulations, but also examines the participants' comprehensive analysis, language expression, on-the-spot response, organization and coordination, etc. Aspect ability.

The party branch of the mixing workshop, the vulcanization workshop, the molding workshop and the marketing center carried out the "Party of the Party's research theme party day" exhibition. The logistics center, the power mold workshop, the component workshop and the party branch of the conveyor belt company reproduced the "Party members of the party members". Every step of turning positive. The scene drama is real and vivid. If someone does not always remind you, you may forget that this is the scene of the party branch business skills practical competition. The contestants used the vivid scenes to show the fairness and decent, using real-life interpretations to be efficient and transparent, and demonstrating skilled business skills. It not only shows the competitive spirit of the game, but also surpasses itself in chasing me, accumulates experience in the competition and improves the practical level. In the end, each team submitted a satisfactory answer with better results.

“Before the competition, we have carefully prepared the subject matter, written the lectures, and produced the courseware. We have made three major changes from knowing to understanding, familiarity, and proficiency. This competition will be the catalyst for my growth and progress. After the game, Ge Ting, the party branch secretary of the marketing center, who won the first prize of the Party’s research theme party day activities, said, “The practice is a competition and training.”

The Party Workshop Party Branch won the first place in the project of “Party members of the Party Member Conference” by virtue of the skillful party building business knowledge and calm and calm performance. Xu Cheng, the party branch secretary, worked as a worker, production squad leader and deputy director in the production line. In June 2017, he served as secretary of the party branch of the component workshop. As the role changed, he used the branch work as a technical job to study and learn. When the champion Xu Cheng said that he had participated in the competition, he only knew the inadequacy of his party building theory and practical knowledge. Only by continuously learning and improving, can he be qualified for the work of the party branch secretary.

It is reported that the party committee of the company will organize various party branches to carry out in-depth training of business skills according to different themes, study and establish a long-term mechanism for "big training", and insist on putting the knowledge mastered by grassroots party workers into practical competitions to test. To measure, to display, and to train each party branch secretary into the hands of grassroots party affairs.
(Song Yi, Liu Qizhen)

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